Friday, November 07, 2014

mini ASEAN SUN meeting 4-5 Nov

I was involved with this meeting organized by Izzat to be in UiTM. It was a small scale meeting but very important for networking purposes. Simulation User Network is slowly growing and this was my chance to be part of it. Forthe past few years it was not possible because of my commitments. Izzat roped me in to run 1 station and i took up the challenge! It was worrying though as i did not know who my participants were! This is ASEAN level thus it should be at a certain standard.
 Initially we thought of running a simulation but i changed my mind because in this workshop, what the participants want to learn would be about handling simulation. I tackled the toughest bit which is debriefing. Though our station was named paediatric crisis resource management, i was focusing on the debriefing bit as it is the most important part of any simulation. None of us were trained formally and the lacking of such training is glaringly obvious. Being asians i guess we concentrate a lot on the technical fidelity aspect that we forget that being the facilitator is at its toughest during the debriefing period!
Both days were interesting because i had to cater 2 different crowds. Of course the first day i had more people so the adjustment was minimal. The second day i only had 5 participants so i had to change my approach! I thought the reverse simulation was an innovation as i had the participants to be the facilitator and having a go at the debriefing! It was not easy to start off with but i am sure the participants were encouraged by the session. 
Simulation teaching is the way to go and i do hope to be part of it despite me being out of the academia. I was trained in this and it is only natural that i should share this with others. Its something i do really enjoy and perhaps now with my clinical work focused i can be more active in SUN group.

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