Saturday, November 01, 2014

Rimau Biru or Gajah?

Its that time of the year again. Its the Malaysia Cup finals today.!As a true Malaysian football fan no matter how crap they may perform on the pitch, the romantiscm is everlasting :) 
JDT vs Pahang with Pahang the favourites as the defending champion. It has been an interesting season and both teams deserve to be in the finals. I wish Selangor was in it but unfortunately they faltered in the quarter finals due to management issues. 
JDT is the star studded team like Man City or Chelsea, as most are national players brought together by money. TMJ has certainly revamped the state football team. Johor was unfortunately at its low 5 years ago unlike in the past. Their supporters are legendary and it is such fun to be in a stadium full of JDT fans.
Pahang coached by Zainal Abidin Hassan is a strong team with good tactical strategies which started last year when they won as underdogs against Kelantan. This year, they look strong and consistent. Honestly i have my bets on Pahang to win it again based on thier whole season performance.
I want JDT to win because Johor has always been my second team to support after Selangor. However, their defensive display is a dismal throughout the season and i am not sure whether it will be any different tonight.
But..its the adrenaline and cup finals may bring a different kind of energy to the players. I would love to see our national players shine but unfortunately, they are not consistently played throughout the season because of the import players. 
Viva Malaysia! Viva football!! 

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