Friday, October 31, 2014

A different life to rekindle past interest

Somehow, i find myself to have more time now. I guess its because the compartments in my brain has been unleashed from unnecessary storage. I used to have lots of things in my mind; besides my patients in my daily work, the students, my teaching, projects, future research proposals, hospital committee, the future.. waaaaa... memang banyaklah! And since moving to private...

a different kind of freedom..... peace... 

(except my obsessiveness browsing at my daily charges everyday! hahaha)

And perhaps..  the main reason you see me writing actively again. Not just about what i do or my activities but about what i feel. I've been browsing through my blog and wow.. the blogs in 2006-2009 were really from the heart. A true sharing. I guess being occupied with work and responsibilities, the time in front of your PC is limited. 

Compared to few other doctor's blog, mine may not be as artistic and interesting (mcm Dr Ben punya..) but i don't plan to be him! We are who we are, unique and individual. Its ok to not have fanatic fans and stalkers... hahaha

To my silent readers, thank you for spending a bit of your time here. I do appreciate your presence as how I love to browse and read your blogs :) 

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