Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Farewell party CRIB 26/10/14

I have always wanted to hold a gathering at my place for my staff. Unfortunately, i could never find the time to do so and of course, wifey can be fiesty about it. haha It was one of my hajats and of course, now that i am not with them anymore i did feel i had to settle this once and for all. It was a bit last minute though when my ICU nurse called me to inform the most available date for the staff, i quickly agreed. She even had contacted the caterer and i obliged. Yup.. i know that if i did not proceed, it will be a thousand years before i can do one. 

So it was last Sunday 26th of October that we decided to hold the function. It had been raining in the afternoons during this last week and i was praying that thnigs will be ok. If i am to do it at night, i can confirm that it will be really wet for everybody.
 Wifey had a good idea to rent the inflatable castle for the kids. It was certainly an attraction for the kids so that the adults can catch up and sit down comfortably without having to monitor their kids jumping and about. 
The attendance was fair and in a way i was quite satisfied on what turned out. The canopy was cool with its significant purple UiTM colour, the food was good and tasty and the weather was permitting. I may not have the full attendance of all my staff due to their commitments but I am thankful to those who came. We had a good team, the dream team but all godd things do come to an end. 
Thank you everybody.. may we meet again in our future endevours! 

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