Wednesday, October 08, 2014

SMKTTDI Qurban 1434

I guess once you have kids who are growing up, you wanna show  and teach them everything that you know off. Especially the exposure about life and the community. I believe nowadays, kids tend to be indoors and indulge with the digital world rather than being out there. Its a shame that modern technology has changed this. Of course, the sense of security has alerted a lot of families to keep their children indoors.
Since i took part in the school qurban, i brought the four of them to my alma matter for the qurban. Every year without fail, Ustaz Ahamd will organize a big scale qurban for the kids in school to experience it. It can be fun but at the same time dangerous. And it is this that i hope to let my children experience. 

Im sure the elder 3 would have found the exposure interesting as they tried to get close to the process each time a new cow was selected. KARESMA's was bulky and it showed how wild it can be! hahaha The element of danger and the teamwork showed by the Qurban team was amazing. Together, putting the big cow down and then perform the qurban was amazing. Our cow even rose and went to another part of the field after everyone thought it had died! hahaha 
 I wish i was exposed to this when i was younger. I do hope the children will appreciate this activity and for them to ponder when they grow up.

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