Saturday, October 25, 2014

The passion for football Malaysia Cup 2014

Shah managed to get few tickets forthe Felda JDT semi finals in Selayang. Since its the semi finals, why not as i thought it would be a good game. It had been quite some time since i last had a footie outing with friends. Usually i'll go on my own or lately with my children because i want them to soak the atmosphere of a typical simple Malaysian.
Abe who just returned from London joined us together with Adli and Nik. We met up in Selayang campus and then off to the stadium. It rained in the afternoon heavily so we thought it would be just ok for the night, besides tht it is grandstand. How bad could it be? Adli supports JDT and most of us were certainly not Felda fans but for the love of libe football why not! Stadiums are filled with passion and it would be fun to be amongst the marhaens. 

Hahaha the rain started as the whistle was blown! Initially it was drizzling and the heavy rainpour began! hahaha we were all super wet! There was no place to shelter and the egoisticness of not buying the RM5 plastic raincoat. And there we were..shouting..cheering.. and enjoying ourselves! 
The game itself was not too bad. JDT who paraded most of our national players did not play well unlike the import players from Felda. It was an entertaining game despite the wet and wild pitch though it is not as bad as it could be when rain hits the stadium. I have seen worst!
Felda won 4-3 which is not enough for the second leg in Larkin. The refereeing was foul.. and the crowd was unhappy with his decisions. This was shown at the end with things thrown to the referee by the supporters. We were very near to the incident. What made it worse was the response by the policeman who came rushing at the thugs. There was a commotion but because it was Felda fans, it was not prolonged. And we had our fair share of glamour moment when I got interviewed by TV9! hahaha we were on the news the next day and to my surprise there were quite a few who realized this! I was emotional on it so that made it real! hahaha 
Thank you Shah for the tickets and i do hope there would be more footie outings like this! :) 

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