Friday, October 24, 2014

38 today : the magical 24th of October

Alhamdulillah, many thanks to Allah for his grace; today I am 38!!!
Happy Birthday to me i guess haha 
I know it is Sultan Pahang's birthday today and guess what, TMJ just got married today haha 
Its not long before i turn 40. the magic 40.Siapa sangka, dah makin tua dah rupanya hahaha 
Thank you Allah for your blessings. I am indeed grateful for what you have given me and for what you have not let me have. It has been a magnificent journey of life and i will not trade it for any other way. Ups and downs, peaks and troughs.. and i am still learning.

Oh Allah, there is still lots more to learn for I am still not up to par with what is to expect of me as your servant. Insha Allah.

P/S Apparently today's entry is my 84th for this year! the most after 2009 lah.. which means that this blog is still alive and kicking! Last year pun 83 je.. hehe 

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