Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guardian walkathon 2014

Deeno was the organizer of this run. He offered the Kili group to join in with our family. Of course, it was an interesting idea that I decided to take up! Initially it was just maybe up to Dzareif but then hmm.. why not with budak kecik as well. 
In our store is this jogger's stroller which have never been used. We bought it even before we had any baby so imagine having it for more than 10 years. And there was never a proper time when it was possible to use it with any of the kids. I guess it was the time luxury we never had. 
So after a short notice, yup.. we got all five to be awaken by 7am that morning.We were to take part in the 3km family walk event. 
The walk was organized in Wetlands Putrajaya which is an ideal spot for simple runs. It was our first time there and this is the first ever event attended by all family members. haha It was certainly a handful having all 5 with us but alhamdulillah it was not too bad.
Qayyum and Marissa were certainly not fazed by the distance. In fact, they were too far in front. Laikha was being too manja as usual. Dzareif complained a lot but managed to finish the distance especially when seeing goodie bags were given at the end. Qaisya as usual, despite i reckon she is fit but too dainty despite her tomboyishness. 
And yes.. we completed the walkathon! Truly well organizxed and i will defintely take part next year again. 

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