Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Eidul Adha with the family

Both of our families are in KL, so far there has never been a time this was an issue. I could go to both in the same day, its just that perhaps it has been a while since we last slept in TTDI.
We spent the raya night in DJ, and i guess ita the kids that make such festivities alive. Having all 5 growing up together can be fun and stressful at times. Their antiques will certainly blow you away and you would forgive them easily.Ayman was around so i guess he would himself appreciate the presence of 5 young kids running around here and there. I can't imagine when he is old enough to play with the rest
 In the afternoon, we were off to TTDI as it was promised that way. The menu was BBQ raya and a cake was prepared to celebrate Doya, Mutee and Mikochi. It was fun to have them around and i could not understand why Mutee was not there. He has finished his studies and i thought we should be seeing the more of him. 
 It was a simple affair but meaningful. I did not have my raya celebrations this year and what transpired this time around was enough for me. Insha Allah, with more rayas to come, the kids will grow and appreciate the gatherings as how i missed the mass gatherings we had in Muar when i was younger. 

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