Thursday, February 07, 2019

A weekend of family gatherings in Johor

It was the CNY weekend. Papa & mama came over to Iskandar Puteri because they were attending family weddings. I thought of following them as I wanted to get to know who is in JB. There are a number of mama's cousins here and it was an opportunity to meet up again. I'm sure I've seen them before during raya during my childhood days.
 First was the wedding of Aunty Halimah aka Kak Siah. Initially I was confused then the names were interchanged. I thought there were two persons! haha Then after mama explained, Asiah was the family calling name and Halimah was the official name. It is just like my dad, known as Nasir but his real name is Mamat. I did get to see a number of familiar uncles and aunties. It brings such nice memories of my childhood. I do remember going to their houses then for raya, of course it was not me talknig to them to catch up then. 
 Next was visiting Auntie Yam who resides in Larkin. She used to stay in Singapore and i can recollect glimpse of her face during our visit there when i was very young. Her late husband worked in Singapore but they decided to move back about 5 years back. The cool thing about her residence was it was behind Larkin stadium! haha I will be visiting her more in the coming days during match days.
 The last gasthering was to hantar pengantin - Alif son of Uncle nal - my cousin. He is younger by ten years and it was his wedding there being held in Citra Sri Pinang, Benut Pontian. It was a nice venue made especially for occasions. The homestay was also nice and i would recommend it to those who wanna spend time in kampung surroundings. It was nicely built and designed.
I was not able to attend the nikah procession because being oncall but was ok to attend the majlis. It was nice to see my family members to catch up.
Congratulations to all. As for me, I am happy to meet up with my family members near and a far. 

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