Wednesday, February 13, 2019

As much as i want to

As much as you want to ramble on the internet, you know you can't do it freely. For many reasons. A thin line between exploring your thoughts and revealing things which should be private in nature. Its easy to say that one should reach out, let out, let go.. but the reality is sometimes you just have to savour it all.

Its not something new but i guess it had rammed to the maximum tolerance of how one can cope. Its not easy to not being able to share freely as how one wishes. But yeah, no wonder orang jadi gila Hahaha

I've never felt sad as I am at the moment. I have my moments of being down in several occasions but this time around it really hits me hard. I am in fact amazed how much it can affect one. I've read about it, i've seen people talking how it can be and now when it happens to me I do really understand why and how bad it is to have such feeling.

As you can see this is being half here half there. Howlah to solve this issue? 


Watched a Singaporean 2008 movie called Leap Years last night. Thought it was sweet but what i like most were the quotes within the movie. 

In three words i can sum up everything I've learnt: life goes on  - Robert Frost

And it made me wonder. True enough Mr Frost. Life goes on regardless thinking otherwise. The world do not revolve around us but just continue without our presence. 

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes - Oscar Wilde

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