Friday, February 01, 2019

The last supper

This week was a crazy one for me. I travelled to KL twice; because i had pledge to do it long time ago. To honour the best of men, my former teacher in SMTTDI Cikgu Azhar Salleh. He has been in SMTTDI since 1982 and never left the school till his retirement day. SO this week, we had two functions. One was dinner and the other his formal farewell in school.

We proceeded to book dinner in TTDI as it was convenient for most of us. Of course except me lah since im in Johor but i took the evening flight and made a point to be there for him. It was a good catch up. he has always been the way he is. Witty and very thoughtful. he can be silly at times but that is just him and most of us who grew with him would appreciate that fact.
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We did not have all who pledged to come being there, but the number was just enough to recall the sweet memories of yesterday. Azad, Mafiz, Fiqar, Lan, Ezuan and Nurul Hamdi. It was fun catching up and seeing Cikgu Happy was a delight. One can tell when another is elated :)

Indeed a special teacher ; and i will tell more in the part 2 of Cikgu Azhar's retirement day :)
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And after dinner, i boarded bus in One Utama for a four hour ride to JB! Memang gile, the next day: ONCALL...

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