Friday, February 01, 2019

Au revoir to Cikgu Azhar Salleh

The one day i know Cikgu Azhar dreaded has arrived. Being in this school for 37 years, I wonder will he be ok later of not being able to contribute on how he had done all this years. Most of his life was spent here in SM Taman Tun Dr Ismail. He had become a symbol of the school - Everybody knows Cikgu Azhar : the broad foreheaded man with moustache. Iconic to a lot of us - the products of SMTTDI in his 37 years. 
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I had pledged to come for this special day long time ago. It is his special day and perhaps the only day he will be escorted like in a wedding. Sad to say that until now, he hasn't found any life partner. But i suspect even if he did, he was off happier with his first love- the school and his students. 
I nearly could not make it because of a cardiac case I did the day before. If she was not stable, i could not leave Johor. Fortunately it was ok so i left for KL the night before on the last flight. 
It was obvious how all of us love him - the 37 years generation of scouts and students came for the day. It was very touching to see all taking either the day off in some way or another just to be present on this day. 
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We managed to garner almost 100 of us on that day. We planned a surprise for cikgu in our crowdfunding which the initial aim is to buy a car for him. Unfortunately, we did not meet the target but the amount was equally large. Alhamdulillah , it worked out fine and I am sure Cikgu will be happy to receive all kind from his students.
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we had our own surprise too; performing for him. There was no rehearsal, just a rehearsed idea in the whatsapp group. Fathullah started with his rendition of poetry. Then came my turn to lead a cheer. A cheer that i was inspired by the movie Dead Poet Society. Oh Captain My Captain. I blew my lungs out hahaha memang psycho betul 40 year old doing this routine in front of students who are of my son and daughter's age :) 
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We ended the presentation with asking him to join us of MY WAY. Haha lawak la juga that we managed to do all this! Semangat scout tu :) 

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What did we get him?
1. Iconic cake with his legendary car and figure :)
2. Cash Rm 10K
3. Trip to Japan ( He had always dreamt of this)
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I guess we could see it in his eyes and expression how grateful he felt. I am sure he knew what was coming but the emotions that came in as a package is just one cannot describe.
And finally, in true fashion of sending off, the boys booked a horse carriage for him. 
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Oh Cikgu my Cikgu, no matter how much we try to do, we will never match your dedication and sacrifice. You've given yourself to the school so much that i dont know, how SMTTDI would cope without you in the picture anymore.

*picture credit to GJan Ishak

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