Friday, February 22, 2019

Fansipan Roof of IndoChina 3

Dinner was good despite being full vegetarian menu. The tofu and the vegetables were fresh and the way they cook dinner was perfect. Everybody ate well, not too sure if it was the tiredness but everybody complimented on the cooking. The temperature was single digit but the soup and aroma of the food made the body warm. 
As how the weather forecasted it started to rain heavily at 10pm. We were all ready to sleep after chit chatting in the dark then suddenly the guide came in. He wanted to fix an extra layer of ground sheet because the roof will leak because of the heavy rain. I was thinking that probably we will delay the hike. We were expecting to leave at 3am and reach on top at about 5ish - just nice for the sun rise. But because it was raining, conditions maybe hazardous. Visuals are bad too due to the fog and rain.
At about 4am, it was still raining and the guide woke us up for breakfast. It was equally good too! Certainly opened up my eyes :) It was very cold and we then moved at 530am when there was light. 
The trek was slippery and visuals were limited. The fog was really thick and we trekked just following our feet. Theres a good part and bad about it. There were few segments which was dangerous; we needed to use ladders and ropes which were already attached. The rain made things slippery so we had to be diligent and careful. I enjoyed the trek so much.
                                                                  My Bear Grylls pose
                                                                      light but foggy
It was such a relief when we finally reached the cable car station. At this point it was mid morning and hundreds of people are getting ready to reach the peak. The Vietnam authorities have made the place to be a tourist attraction. There is a huge Buddha which was built for prayers as well. It was all steps (like Batu caves) all the way to the top. The weather was not good - it was drizzling and the fog was really thick! 
I had a sudden urge of energy (after switching on my phone haha) that i raced up to the top. Memang i just climb and climb the stairs without stopping. Geram! And reached the top at about 0850! mak ai.. by that time dah ramai gile orang! Everybody was rushing to take their picture with the pyramid :) Yes.. Fansipan! Roof of IndoChina 3143m!!