Friday, February 22, 2019

Fansipan Roof of indochina - Part 1

I managed to coax Azad to join this trip. He had not follow any climbing trip for the last 5 years. I though why not rekindle the spirit of geng kain pelikat in Vietnam? Haha Of course, the organizers were Puncak ventures & Kelab Jelajah Alpine. The only club i truly trust to bring for trips around the world. :)
There were the 10 of us, Abang Lan and Susi from Keluang joined this trip as well - We had our fair share of fun in Pulag last year. Haziq was the expedition leader and we had bee and Cikapu as the puncak venture's team. to my surprise, TS Nordin Kardi and wife was in the group as well. Of course he introduced himself as Pak Din but im not too sure if other team members know that he was the one behind the Anak Kecil main api song :0)
Me and Azad took an earlier flight to Hanoi via Malindo airlines. It was the cheaper alternative when compared to Airasia. Not many people realize his as when budget travelling comes into mind, Airasia becomes the default choice:)  Little that i know what was in store for us despite being early.
Upon our arrival in Hui Noi airport, Azad accidentally took another person's bag at the airport. I took for granted that it was my bag as well because we were in the midst of a very interesting conversation. That afternoon just after our prayers, a message came in from an unknown number.
Apparently i took her bag and mine was left in the airport. I quickly checked the bag and ooohh.. jatuh jantung wooo... Quickly i went to the lost and found department. I thought it was possible to exchange the bag but they insisted on the owner to come back and reconfirm. Damn. Luckily Flore (french backpacker) agreed to return to the airport as she was already in her hostel in Hanoi.
                                                                 Quecha confusion
Flore the french backpacker
 Alhamdulillah, it could have been worse i must say! Flore was nice as well and we were both very lucky. Honestly I would not have realized it say that we boarded straight on our van to Sapa. Allah's plan is the best and somehow as how this was meant to happen, it ended in a nice way.
All this was sorted upon the other team member's arrival. Alhamdulillah! I felt blessed and thankful as it could have been a catastrophic start.
The van then took us about 5hrs to Sapa. Elevation 1400m and when we arrived oohh sejuknya :) 
Tomorrow, the expedition starts :)

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