Friday, February 22, 2019

Fansipan Roof of Indochina 2

Mt Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indo China. 3143m above sea level. It is situated in Lao Chai province in the town of Sapa 1500m above sea level. Of course since 2016 there is a cable car that can bring you straight near the peak; as a climber it would be more satisfying to trek up as the wonders of outdoors is still intact in the jungles of Vietnam.
The temperature was chilly as it reached a single digit at night in Sapa. When i woke up in the morning, the view was stunning and the smell of fresh air was certainly tantalizing. I was excited to start my trek and the group got ready by 8am. 
 We then went by van to the starting point to start our 5-6 hours trek. The weather was permitting ; definitely the best time to hike. The monsoon tropican jungle is very similar to our rainforest in Malaysia. But being in a higher altitude it was very refreshing and not too humid.
starting point
Van to ranger station
 The climb was slow and steady - the inclination rate was not too bad until the second half - we stopped for lunch before that at about noon. Wow, the trek became harder and because of my lack of conditioning, felt few strains on my thigh of near cramp! Ni la akibat tak training haha It was vital for me to ensure that i did not have a complete cramp, once it starts it will be a nightmare to continue! The trek kept going up and up and up :) I guess thats the joy of climbing, the panting and exhaustion. Most of the team members did well. 
The view was magnificient. well, in all climbs that will be the reward as we trek along. Good weather can make the trek fun especially with good company.  
                                                    Me & Azad admiring the view
We arrived at the base camp at 5pm. Alhamdulillah, but the weather then was starting to get cloudy:) The wind became stronger and little that we know how cold it would be to endure the night :)