Saturday, February 23, 2019

Sapa, Lao Chai, Vietnam

Sapa is a nice town for holiday i must say. Being at 1300m above sea level, one can imagine a cooler weather than normal sea level weather. And Sapa being at a different longitude will certainly make the weather more breezy than normal. 
 SAPA is doable on foot; more so if one rents a motorbike to go around. Its fun to explore areas where you can't reach easily especially overseeing the vast view of the rice fields along the terraced hills:) 
We had 2 days in Sapa and we went on top of Nui Ham Rong - Ham Rong peak. The weather was superb as we could see the whole of Sapa with the clouds being the roof of any picturesque view. The only downside is Halal food. There is not much choice but at least there are a handful of places that we can go to. Coffee is also good with all the ciche cafes around town. I dont quite enjoy the egg coffee but at least I've tasted it.
The Maong Valley
top of Hung Rong
egg coffee..yucks
I do recommend this place for a short holiday overseas in ASEAN. I would love to come again and perhaps enjoy the serenity of the town one fine day.