Saturday, November 10, 2007

DiGi phone home..

Despite the warning . despite the threat ,
despite the heavy rain , despite the blockage attempt ...
people came , people marched , people were brave.

Vena , Vedi , Vici and Carpe diem became the theme..

I must congratulate the police force for their control of the situation and did not over react. The objective of handing the memorandum to Tuanku was achieved in a bloodless manner. There were few casualties though ( but all 245 released !! ) , but being in a mass of at least 40,000 ( from net sources ) ; it is not significant statistically. Even the 40,000 number is nothing because if you compare the number of the votes gained by the opposition in the 2004 elections against the top 9 fellas in MIC ; it summed up to more than 120,000! Baru 9 Parliamentary.. ( Why MIC lah ? well.. its Deepavali period isn't it ? ) thus , the organizer's target of 100 k was realistic to begin with.
Its the IT era , information is limitless ; compare and contrast reports from both sides. Everybody is free to express their concern and what happened on the 10th of November 2007 showed how the cyberworld and blogs are tools of matter. ( Wait a minute , i thought somebody said it was only for dim wits ?? :) ) Humans are naturally anti-establishment ; we should use that as our strength rather than denying it.

At the end of the day , you wonder who'll benefit the most ?

Susukan kera, anak tersadai
Ayam menang kampung tergadai

cool pic of MAYA TzM.. "ciplak kejaps ekss.."

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alamak..maya karan pun ada.