Monday, November 19, 2007

Pharmaco viva today

It was at 11 am today ; i was scheduled to be the first of the second batch.
I came at 1030am ; having my heartbeat racing like mad.

I was on table B ; Alex Sia ( Singapore ) Prof Marzida ( UM ) Prof Jaafar(UKM) were my examiners.hmmmm... Sitting in the waiting room was no different as I was getting nuts... "rabbish rahli.sadri... etc" uttered like nobody's business..

went into the room ; OK.... Alex Sia introduced himself and off we go ; with something simple he said.. hahahaha

1. Lets talk about opioids. Show me the Plasma concentration vs time graph of fentanyl..
Then we started talking about effect side , compartments , elimination , comparing with alfentanil and of course remifentanil..
2. What local anaesthetics do you use in practice . and we went on to the properties what makes it different from one another. mode of action ; frequency dependent action , and the stereoisomerism which the way i answered made him a bit uncomfortable !! hahaha
3. Gave me a table with numbers and asking what statistical test would be appropriate.

Prof Marzida was next. Her questions were fairly ok for me to blubber out..
1. Diuretics and mode of action.
2. Desflurane watchouts.
3.Renal toxicity with inhalational agents.
4. Obstetric drugs..

and tiiiiinnngg...
Waahh.. 20 minutes hell was not as fast as how i wanted it to be ! I'm still having palpitations now ..and of course , the reason for me to blog this out as I am just gonig bonkers for my physio viva tomorrow... Urrggghhh...

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