Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jerry McGuire

It was one of those moments , a sudden massive flood of words in my mind ( not that I am schizophrenic !! ) . Remember Jerry McGuire when he suddenly sat down and wrote his Mission Statement ? I dunno what got into me the other night.. and today.. in Utusan Malaysia "

Sistem Latihan Doktor perlu dirombak drastik .

What was i thinking about ? It had been quite some time though since i last wrote in Malay !! :)

Update 12.30pm : wahh.. it was so difficult to get your hands on the hard copy of Utusan. Being in SS2 where the dominants are not Malays ; I had to shop hop before it could be found.. Dahlah terceruk !! Hahaha.. jakun betul..

Sunday 25/11/07 .. Its out in the STAR as well !!

Reorganize houseofficership


Anonymous said...

i read your small piece of writing in the STAR this morning,thought of to drop a line in your blog but your are far ahead faster.

Good view. I agree with your opinion. I am not a doctor, but did a pre-clinical and quit. Medicine is so interesting but along the way, i foresee its massive pressure and workload. In which somehow down the line, i worried that i would unconsciously and unknowingly turn into a cranky
no-patient-friendly doctor when i could not balance and beat the system.
( doctor-patient ratio, working environment, personal life etc )

Kudos to your writing supporting the new implemention of compulsory 2-years of housemanship with improved and revised guidelines.

I believe everything must starts with positive mind-set and good attitude.

New doctors and medical students should take the two-years of HO with positive attitude.
After all medicine is a life long process of learning and practice.
1 year and a half or two years, after all what is the difference?
That 2-years supervision from the senior MO, consultant and specialist must be taken seriously in order to produce a competent and versatile doctors.

---) my friend in taiping complained to me, her partner on call asyik tidor je, malas kerja..mcm mana tu ? siapa yang pantau ? mcm mana terlepas ?

On another note, CONGRATULATIONS for passing the exam. Anaes is one of the toughest field. May Allah bless you and make you a competent specialist one day, who knows the next Health Minister :)

herba tempatan

omet said...

Okay...Dr M for Health Minister. Woot. Woot.
Can I 'name-drop' you nanti? Dr M tu this and this...Hahha

herba tempatan said...

omet said, is that a comment to the owner of the blog or to my comment posted in his blog ? to 'name drop' ?

Dr.M said...

herba tempatan : thank you for ur commentand support. Its a difficult system to work with and nobody bothered to change anything ' like for 20 -30 years ! Its the same story all over..

omet : u ni gang dgn herba ka ? hahaha