Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The exam is next week and I'm on my last few days of sucking up the details of my physio and pharmac. Though at times i do get distracted with facebook , its a good tension releaser ! The exams will be tough and of course i don't think anybody feels they are ready to take it.

This time around , i reckon i am in control of my emotions induced by the stress ; but my body is definitely showing the psycho-somatic effects. I'm getting altered bowel habits , a "certain" past occurance came back, my appetite suppressed ; but the most obvious is the "butterfly malar rashes" on my cheeks ! Takkan SLE ( systemic lupus erythematous )kot ? Is my body manifesting a hidden chronic autoimmune state ? Its more common in females rather than males though.. hmmmm...

Tu fikir kemudianlah. Lets concentrate on the immediate task in hand.

OGKL Aidilfitri open house 2007

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