Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Physio viva

Had my viva today at 12.30 pm , just before lunch time. I was dead hungry while waiting for my turn but at the same time , my heart was pounding wild. Exams are really bad for your heart you know !!
I was in stream B. I had Prof M.James from South Africa , Prof Choy ( UKM ) Prof YKChan (UM) as my examiners.Prof YK was the silent observer and i'm not sure whether did i make a fool out of myself in that room today!

1.Prof James broke the ice by asking me to explain the fight or flight mechanism , local blood flow , circulatory regulation etc. Hahaha.. a real "talking through experience" thingy ! I dunno whether it was me or him confused ourselves.
2. He asked about how vaporisers work.. And shit.. Never touched that page before ; so i tried to talk my way but hahaha.. it was so obvious the vacuum in my knowledge of this.
3.Prof Choy then asked me about GFR , Starling forces equation , Why GFR , How does it autoregulate , how to measure GFR and about Renal blood flow.
4. CO2 transport , Haldane effect , buffer why and what which i managed to round it off just before lunch.

PEEEEERRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.... I was so glad when it was over and Dil called me just in time ; as we then spent the afternoon with Mafiz and Rizuan in redbox..
P/s madah berhelah made my voice dissapear !! ... Ziana Zain wannabe..


ikmal said...

bestnya pegi karaoke... lain kali ajak la aku....

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Aku lah aku di suruh viva macam kau, lebih rela aku lari 42 km. hee... hhee...

Anyway tahniah kerana berjaya juga melalui ujian getir.

anis @ permai-apt said...

Hahah. Ziana's song, eh? I wonder if your eyebrows "arched" automatically like hers. :)

Dr.M said...

mal : woit..bila la baby nak keluar !!
wafi : hahaha..memang scary viva2 camni. Aku sakit jantung tak pasal2..
Anis : thats how you let it all out !