Friday, November 30, 2007

Meeting old friends

Just came back from Uptown ; I;ve or we've ( the unofficial kamcheng badminton club ) been regulars at Sallehs since we started playing badminton in a nearby hall. I guess the 222 "mat salleh" will be disappointed with our absence for the past few months. We were the mentekedarah customers.. the best available ! Uptown is much nearer for a glass of teh tarik.. ( yeah right.. we usually end up eating mixed grill ; steak , chicken chop and lamb on "pirate" sauce dish !! ) after a hard fought game !

It was a good turn out last week as the "US" trip gang having a mini reunion with Badak. had been quite some time since Izzat , Kamal and me seeing him ! He came all the way down from Ampang and that was sweet ! Hai was there too and the whole gang certainly had lots to catch up ! Including Dil , Mafiz , Edrin and Zaini.. we were so loud ( macam tak biasa ) .. and I went back home like 3.30am ! The call next day was bad and a killer ; not to exclude the results anxiety which came out that day !

We were the culprits again today , making lots of noise with corny jokes ; laughing out loud like drunkards! Azad came about ; having his "last" outing before he is off to Mekah for Haj next week. It was fun reminiscing old times ; esp after the influx of old pictures of ourselves in facebook this past few weeks. It was also an occasion to celebrate me passing my Part 1 and Kamal , who just passed his PACES ! Alhamdulillah !
But of course ; learning my lesson from last week , we took off at midnight because I can't bare doing my call with my mind half dead !

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