Friday, November 02, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Lama...

Did this myself !! ( proud).Got the fresh flowers from the market this morning.. :)

Its my wedding anniversary today ! Happy Anniversary Ja !!! Muahs..
Gosh , has it already been 6 years ? Time files so fast. What have i achieved in my 6 years of matrimony ? Hmmmm... 1 wife and 2 kids with a decent job. Oklah tu !! hahaha..

Marriage is everybody's dream and the goal is to live happily ever after. It is not easy nor is it hard ; but it is tricky ! It is not about having it perfect as how you imagine it or envision it from the television ; it is how you adapt and improve as you go on.
"Marriage is not about being together and hoping that everything turns out well , marriage is about risk management and facing problems ; solving the crisis together. The more controversies sorted , the higher the success rate of matrimony... "

Eventhough i thought i was ready when i embarked on this impossible mission , i was totally wrong. Perhaps I was somehow pressed into the marriage by my parents at that time. I did not have enough money to begin with being a student. Haniza was already working - but it was "jodoh" and fated!
An almost perfect pre-marital understanding and friendship we had did not translate into a smooth sailing marriage. Having another half to look after and vice-versa was not an easy task. A doctor marrying a doctor was thought to be ideal , but a woman will always be a woman and a man as himself regardless of one's education or social stature. Me and wifey had lots of disagreement regarding lots of things ; things that we overlooked and took for granted during our courtship. Both of us were from different worlds therefore our expectations and life concept were totally opposite. It was not easy to tolerate with each other as both our heads were made of reinforced concrete ( *platinum base ). The understanding was bad and it did not help when we had difficulties in conceiving.
God work in mysterious ways. The stillborn we had ( Myftzal Mikhail) at 28 weeks on our 3rd year of marraige was a blow to both of us. Ironically , it may have been the turning point as we took a seat back and reflected . It somehow changed our perception about life and the lesson of being thankful of what we have. At that time , wifey would have thought her chances of conceiving was zilch after being treated for fertility with dissapointing results.
Then the miracle came ; Dzaeffran was such a beautiful gift . Qaisya came "tumbling" after and unexpectedly ( i hope this will explain why it was poor spacing between them , not that I am "rakus..) and life was never the same again. Alhamdulillah...

Thank you for being my partner and tolerating me . ( Hope you to return this gesture !! )
Thank you for Dzaeffran and Qaisya.
Thank you for believing in us.
Happy Anniversary to us.. Mafeitz and Haniza !!

p/s I'm into the 7th year of marriage.. apasal mcm ada itch ah ? hahaahaha


ikmal said...

Tahniaaah! (on your anniversary) Romantic jugak kawan aku nih :)

pseudo maya karan hahah said...

Woohoooo...ada bunga lagi. :)
Here's to 6 more good years for you and wifey...hip hip hooray!!!!

drzeze said...

salam to dr,
Interesting blog.Dah letak kat my web hope u don't mind. Happy anniversary...Tahniah dan carilah lebih persamaan dalam pasangan dari mencari perbezaan.Insya'allah pasti berjaya dalam rumahtangga...

azam said...

congrats on your anniversary!! ;-)

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Tahniah!!! beb. Barulah aku sedar selama ini aku belum berpasangan. hee..he..

Azad said...

:) Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat. Amin.