Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Being at home..

I do have the option to send them to my mum's place whenever wifey is oncall. It can be tedious managing them alone. They'll be running around and you have to feed them. More so to bath them and the most yucky thing.. to clean them when they decide to bomb it hard ! I tell you , both my children's "offerings" can be really smelly ! It stinks the whole house that you have to put away the dirty diapers out of the house !! I am not complaining though as both of them are well and healthy ; colic free since birth.. Alhamdulillah..
However nowadays I prefer to have them with me. My care may not be as detail as wifey but I can manage both of them. They make the house alive and its fun to just see what they do together as well as when they are alone. Dzaef is an Ultraman fanatic that when wifey is not home , he will coax me to play on the Ultraman playstation game ! Not that he can operate it but he had fun just watching me killing the monsters.. ( Hahaha.. bapaknya yg nak main sebenarnya.. ). Qaisya can be really sweet especially when she smiles. She never fakes her feelings and I guess that is how she will be when she gets older. MY two angels..

smart and ready for nite out..

Can be playful together..

This is the best part of them all... :)


Anonymous said...

Salam Dr,
Qaisya muka iras ibu dia.

Ayna @ Dya said...

u got a pair of very2 lovely children dr.
soo cute, esp the ultraman vs ps2 part :))