Sunday, July 13, 2008

My first ever poster..

I felt really proud to see my poster on the display board in the National Intensive Care Conference. It was held in Shangri La hotel from Friday to Sunday. The issue i brought upon maybe of no interest to the organizers but I was thankful it was accepted.This is my first ever submission and being a part of the poster presentation was an honour. There was a competition but obviously I was not the winner ; however I felt happy anyway seeing it up there.
The ICU conference was a good one and the turnout was excellent.Intensivist , doctors and nurses from all around Malaysia swarmed KL and at times ; food was not enough ! A nightmare to the hotel management !! Hahahaha I was surprised to see almost full attendance from the first to the last day. I met quite a number of old acquantainces ; and for staff nurses to remember me and me not remembering them brought a lot of awkward moments !! hahahaha..
The updates presented was certainly useful and I must say , I enjoyed it very much. It is refreshing and inspiring to attend conferences such as this i suppose.


mafiz said...


Wahidah said...

congrates.......good job..:)

mafeitz said...

mafiz : hahahaha.. nanti nak buat poster canggih2 3D ke 4D real time..
wahidah : wah..prince court.. lumayan tu.. tu impian tu nak keja sana.. hahaha