Monday, October 06, 2008

Aidlifitri blog entry

I was a bit too tired to type last night , I ended up downloading pictures which i went through few times and smiled. Each picture had its own story and i believe that is the beauty ; seeing your offsprings grow.
Pre raya : weight 77kg..
Raya day 5 : weight 79kg... hmm..not looking great huh ? hahaha

I was technically still working on Raya eve , however as there was no OT list I was put on standby. I was with Dzaeff and Qaisya at home as wifey was working half day. We went over to Maks on Raya eve and spent the night there. It was the first time , everybody in the family under that DJ roof. Wifey helped Mak to prepare dishes for raya . Rendang was my favourite but I tried very hard to control the desire to wallop the food !! Hahaha I slept in the living room which was a bit uncomfortable ; but its raya and that is acceptable ! We had fun with the fireworks Yo brought back from Kulim and the finale "KLCC" 25 shots was a blast ! According to YO , that was the cheapest and mildest but I can tell you , it shook the neighbourhood off !!
I prayed in TTDI but this year I did not manage to find my peers around. I only met DIl but there were a lot of juniors around ; thanks to Facebook the faces are now familiar !!

After the picture taking session , we went to Pak ngah's house and Acik's place . It is the usual routine that we do every raya. However it was different this year because we only started our journey back to Muar at 4pm ! Its the kids ! Its not efficient anymore but then hey.. I am not complaining !
Muar was "kecoh" as it was full house ! It was congested with my family , Auntie Nor's and Auntie Roha's !! This was the raya experience Iwant my children to enjoy !! Hahahaha.. It was fun doing the tidur lambak and having to queue for your turn to use the toilet. Luckily Uncle Malik stays next door as for "emergency" use , we run next door !! hahahaha
I tried very hard to resist the temptation to control my appetite , but its raya folks ! After the first day raya binge , I did something which I've never done before ! I ran from Parit Setongkat to the Muar bridge and back ! Its a different Muar in the morning and I've never been on my two feet crossing the bridge. The total distance was 8 km and I felt really great after doing it ! hahaha.. memang dah kena penangan adrenaline. When I came back , everybody was still asleep . A definitely different approach to fitness doing raya this time around.
We came back from Muar on Friday afternoon and surprisingly the traffic was mild. We continued our raya in KL as most of wifey's family is from KL anyway.
This year eventhough my leave was till the weekend , it was not as hectic as how it used to be. Preparing your children and taking care of them is not as easy as one thought it is ! Qaisya was certainly very moody and Dzaeff had his eccentric moments as well! I really dunno how we'll cope with the third next year for Raya !


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