Monday, October 27, 2008

You know him ?

I received 2 similar birthday presents from Azad and Nor. ( the above illustrated biography ) Eventhough they did not plan it , somehow when they saw this "comic" ; they remembered me. I must say I am flattered to be remembered after a great personality and idol in Malaysia ! Hahaha.. Untung jugak sharing the same initials... Thank you ! Thank you !!

It was unplanned ; we were at the MACY warehouse sale to look for bargained curtains for the BJ house. We did not achieve that target , instead we bought TWO BEDS with mattresses and bed ! Hahaha totally unplanned and that adds my accounts DEFICIT.My EZYPAY installments are getting bigger and bigger each day.. hahaha

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Azad said...

Happy birthday, Dr.M. :)