Monday, October 06, 2008

Understanding the young

" Oh..oh..oh.. balik kampung.... " Dzaeffran was singing this as we were driving back to Muar. I dunno who taught him this but he was happy ! This will be his 3rd raya and he had begun to appreciate more about this festive season.
"Dzaeffran balik kampung sapa ? "
" Tok ma... " he answered... smart.
"Jumpa sapa ?"
" Atok GOYANG... " " Sapa ??? " .. " Atok Goyang.... " i paused.. and i laughed !! I get it !!!
Hahahaha... He was referring to ATOK MOYANG !!! Its just that he cannot gather to utter Moyang but Goyang instead !!
"Bagi Walid.." i offered myself to keep the angpow money he received.

" Tak Nak... Dzaeffran simpan.. "
"Walid bagi yang ni..dzaeffran bagi walid yang tu... "
He gazed at me , looking disinterested in the RM1 that i am offering.
" Nak Puluh..puluh... " he told me sternly . Hahahaha.. He knows that I am cheating his RM 10 / 50 for a mere RM 1 !!

Qaisya was crying non stop after we woke her up as we arrive in Muar that evening. She was certainly very moody and wifey was struggling with Dzaeffran. I offered to pick Qaisya up and brought her outside.
Her volume was immediately reduced when we were outdoors and the "chicken" family , the rooster , the hen and the small chicks were crossing our path.
The rooster decided to crow and that stole Qaisya's attention.
" Hmmmmm..." she said.. pointing at the rooster.. , she looked at me and sort of asked.. " Dog... dog.... "
hahahahaha... I guess it was the first time she came in contact with a rooster and thought that it was some dog species !
Suddenly from behind... MOOOOOOOOO...... Both of us turned heads back .
" Ooooohhh... " she said again with excitement. " Dog... dog !!... " as she pointed to the cow!!
"Kenapa Dzaeffran nangis tu ? " I asked my wife as I entered the room. I could here Dzaeffran screaming his lungs out for quite sometime. Dzaeffran was still crying , refusing.
" Hmmm... dia taknak pakai jubah ni "wifey told me. She just bathed Dzaeffran after our first day of raya.
" Nak baju handsome... " he pleaded.. referring to the silver baju melayu with the sampin that he wore the whole day that day..
Hahahahaha... anak Walid ni... melaram la pulak !!

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Azad said...

mana tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi? ;)