Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hujan di tengah hari

I was pushing out my patient from the OT , when suddenly i heard a loud GASH!! It was waterfall like and I quickly rushed to the counter.
To my amazement , water was pouring down from the ceiling of our OT entrance !! Waaahh... a sudden flash flood appeared and everybody came to the scene ( typical Malaysian style la tengok accident !! ) One patient who was due for Op went out of his bed and stood looking at the "small" disaster ! ( He was due for BKA - below knee amputation - mind you... hahaha ) The scene was like when you were back in kampung ; hahaha. The OT is having its feel of raya as well I guess.
Our UMMC appropriate staff came to the rescue , and the matter was resolved pretty soon.. hahaha.. what an event to celebrate my first call post raya holidays..


Ms B said...


U realised that this looks like a scene in Grey's season 5 episode 3 this thursday -US (based on their trailer)?

Dr.M said...

hahahahaha... seriously ???

Ms B said...

Ha ah!!! so when I read, I said, "hang on, this sounds so familiar!"

Eh, probably someone set you guys up, u know, just to get the GA's scene. *LOL*