Saturday, October 25, 2008

How I nearly grew older

I am 32 now.. ( I'm not sure how old Sultan Pahang is though.. ) A year older , A year wiser they say. The denial factor is always strong but one has to accept the reality that one is getting old ! I must say , this year's birthday was a lot different from the ones before. People around me somehow celebrated it with me ; and of course I felt happy !! Thanks to facebook as well , the birthday wishes streamed from right , left and centre through sms , emails and of course on my facebook wall !! Hahahaha.. gile overwhelmed.. Thank you everybody for your warm gesture !
I was on call on the 23rd . Jahan ( the lecturer ) on call did mention that we should celebrate the occasion because it was Suana's birthday and she was oncall as well ! I was the only male in the team and that qualified me to own the single room that night ! The call was pretty cool because by 6pm we were almost done. The last case then was a finger tendon and nerve repair which we easily did a brachial plexus block ; so its the surgeon's den to settle ! Jahan bought the oncall team pizza hut and it was pure indulgence !! Hahaha.. thanx boss for the food and the whole oncall team was certainly all smiles !

23rd October oncall team
Then Edmund joined us and of course , being the "generous"one after the dinner he went out with Jahan to get us a birthday cake ; and the memorable TGIF starter to indulge us some more ! Woohohoo.. apa lagi , makan tak ingat la gang ! It was a memorable birthday and I must say well celebrated! Thank you everybody ! ( eventhough i had to get up at 4am to continue a hand case which went on and on and on and on.... )


birthday boy and girl
I got a surprise phone call in the morning from wifey that she was picking me up. I was all set to take the bus home and it was a surprise !! Hahaha.. mentang-mentangla birthday! I should not get into details what happened when we got home ( keh keh.. ) but she surprised me later with a booking at a spa in KL !! Waahh... imagine having your wife's permission to be touched by another woman !! Hahahahahahaha We went to Body Countour in KL as they were having the couple spa promotion. It consisted of a jacuzzi session and followed by body massage. Wifey wanted the massage as her pregnancy now is really taxing her back and legs. As for me it was such a pleasure after the oncall. I slept half way and dunno whether i snored ! hahaha

memang jakun.. hahaha
Initially we wanted to go to KLCC's chillis for lunch. However , the spa was just behind Pavilion ; thus we had to reroute our plan. After my friday prayers me and wifey dined at Tony Romas !! Waah.. memang indulgence !! They were having steak promotion and of course , it is a chance i would not miss for the world ! The steak was excellent with its rich texture and taste.. ( hmmm.. i can still imagine it now ) It was a good outing and I certainly appreciated wifey's effort and plan!
Thank you Ja !! *muahs* its going to be a challenge for me to go one level higher in celebrating her birthday next time..

Sudah puas... hahahaha


missjewelz said...

happy birthday !!!! anyway, sultan pahang is 78 y/o !

A said...

Oh boy! Sorry Dr M, I keep thinking that you're 33! Hahhaa.

Anonymous said...

aw.. sweet.. haniza due bila?


drzeze said...

Happy birthday Dr.M..moga ceria selalu bersama famili.Be a great hubby,great father and a great doctor too. Take care

Dr.M said...

thank you for all your wishes and doa.. Amiinn.. :)

Dancing Ciken said...

wahhh bestnye celebrate birthday. amik gambar berendam, jangan gatal2 nak bangun2 plak

hahaha :p

dochisyam said...

HAppy birthday to you and suhana!
Still young brother. We go mountain biking soon ok.