Sunday, October 12, 2008

Klang 12K

The day started early as this was our official run after raya. Mafiz picked me up at 0530 from my MIL's place as we were sleeping there because Mak was away. We made our way to Azad's in Shah Alam and to our surprise he was still asleep when we rang him up in front of his house gate !!! I dunno why Edrin did not make it ; we were supposed to meet him at Azads but i guessed something must have came up.
Azad was not sure of where the starting point would be but being a Sunday morning , it will not be difficult to see swarm of yellow shirts ( the official running gear ) walking to a similar point. The run started at 7am sharp and off we went !! The weather was excellent but after 8am it became a bit too hot ! We were running on a busy two lane state road and I guess on a normal day it will be almost impossible to complete the track ! I was not happy with the only one water station they provided in this Klang run ; but i guess seeing the crowd today it must have been something expected. I decided not to wear my usual black Adidas top and in exchange was the German Adidas. Nak tukar sikit la gambar asyik baju sama je.. hahaha.. However , the shirt injured my nipple and I was holding my shirt off on the last 2km. It was painful !! Mak ai.. i really need to use vaseline or tape my nipple off because it became more painful during the shower after !!!
I am happy with the run because I felt good doing running. The whole 12K was flat and I went all out. I wanted to see how long I can last. I did not puff nor did i feel exhausted while running. I guess the runs I manage to squeeze in after Trusmadi & Tambuyokon during ramadhan did the trick. I guess I am much fitter now compared to earlier this year. I did roughly 12K in 80 minutes which i think is not too bad for my standard. I better start timing myself from now on eih ? Congrats Azad and Mafiz !! It was indeed a good outing !

another cert and medal as proof !!

Gigit medal gambar wajib !!
And guess what ??!! Mafiz who's always the lucky one when it came to lucky draws got lucky again !! We were looking at the "MAPIAU" before our usual photo taking session when suddenly Mafiz screamed... "Hey..323.. thats my number !!!" Hahahaha.. We looked closely and yes , it was his number ! Damn lucky guy !!


mafiz said...

Mmbbbuaahhh...memang best! 80 mins for 12 km. That's like 66 mins for 10km! Dah dekat dah tu!

Mahmood said...

Mafeitz, how much weight have you lost doing all these running?...

Dr.M said...

mafiz... azam !!!
Mahmood : ok la jugak.. about 7 kg kot.. but it took me a long time la.. hahaha

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Well done!!