Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is normal ?

The jitters of Genting-trailblazer is getting tenser. I do try to fit in either post call morning runs or evening near Maghrib runs in the past 2 weeks. The Syawal food indulgence certainly became a motivation to burn all the carbo ( more of fat i reckon !!) that is being loaded way to early before the competition day. The weather is getting much warmer and its damn hot by 9am in the morning !!
I do feel that i am fitter now compared to when i did my first 21k early this year ( KLIM 2008 ). It is a good feeling really and somehow nowadays i do feel more confident. My weight loss is still minimal but people did notice somehow ! It must have been my eating habits which is way different !! This is my hobby nowadays and its my health which is benefitting.
Its going to be wet and wild this Sunday ; but it'll be fun !! Hahaha

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dochisyam said...

You can do it la M, Its going to be wet and dirty. Bring extra clothes