Monday, October 20, 2008

Picking your leader

I dunno if anybody realized this ; ( after the MCA elections during the weekend )

MCA is led by an IR ; engineer , 2nd in command a doctor. The vice presidents being a pharmacist and a doctor. The other two i'm not so sure about their education background but one served as the Deputy Minister of Science n Tech Ministry as well as Finance Ministry. Therefore I conclude ; all of them were from the Science stream.
A lot different from the UMNO scenario huh ? hahaha
Its good to see Malaysia scoring freely against their opponents in the ongoing Merdeka Tournament. It is sad however to note the bad turnout from the higher ranked teams invited. Our ASEAN country mates certainly do not see Merdeka Cup as a challenge. Its sad that our standard is at par with Nepal and Afghanistan. To make things look worse , we paid them to play in this tournament !!!
I dunno whether I would go to watch the team in the finals.. but being a hardcore fan.. MESTILAH !!! JOM !!!

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