Thursday, October 30, 2008


It is not easy to be somebody you are not. It becomes an internal crisis and affects one psychologically .. slowly but surely munching the real you. It threatens to maul your spirit and soul ; infiltrating the darkness over what hope is left. One tries to imagine light at the end of a dark tunnel but WTF ? The energy of such focus cannot sustain as how one thought it could be.
Some say it is easy to forgive and forget , but what if it is not ? Which is better ; to forgive or to be the unforgiven ? How long can tolerance prevail.. how long can one accept suffering? Some might say its all in the mind but others may beg to differ and perceive it as real.
Apa apa pun.. SIVAJI THE BOSS.. you're the MAN !!!


Anonymous said...

In life, there are boundaries people have which vary. To others may be a significant deal, to some it means nothing. The definition varies. But the disparity between the two depends on tolerance. But if tolerance can no longer be held, what would d outcome be? There's a line of threshold people have, but push one to the limit, not once, but again and again, how do one sustain?
How long will it last?
Honesty, deceit, truth and betrayal. The essence of trust.
If ever was important.
To just accept so that life goes on? Again?

Anonymous said...

Hmm cryptic.

Anonymous said...

Be true to oneself. Be true to others. No pretence only to please a party but to be gentle and wise in telling the differences. To forgive is to unleash the stricken soul.