Sunday, April 05, 2009

A day out which almost turn out to be total day out !!

Kirana managed to get seats for her family and mine to this wonderful "clown's intro to orchestra" with the MPO in KLCC today. I was excited for the kids because this will be the first time the kids will be exposed to live orchestra music !Wifey was on call and this was a perfect way to spend time with my kids. I didn't know what to expect in the beginning.

However , it nearly became a non reality as we were stuck in NKVE for about a hour ! It was a massive traffic jam and I was getting pissed off when we surpassed the 30 minute mark ! We were late and i didn't know if we could be there in time. We were late to arrive but luckily still able to catch the show and it was fun !! Dzaeff was making his own vocal comments while Qaisya seemed a bit reserved ; scared at times with the loud drum thumping.
Of course Dzaeff and Qaisya was happy to roam around in KLCC afterwards ; with Alana joining them in hand ! ( Dzaeff was very sporting to walk her around ! )

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