Sunday, April 12, 2009

Orange run 2009

For the third year in succession , it was great to participate in the "happening" orange run at the Curve , Mutiara Damansara today. I did not prepare for this run as the last one month was really hectic ; juggling bukit Jelutong and the kids ; worse was last week as wifey was doing her job rom 4pm to 10pm ! I only manage to fit in a 7km run on the day when my OT was planned to start late.
I was at the starting line quite early and it was a surprise seeing Mahmud , an IJN cardiologist friend of ine to be there. His colleagues Rahal and azlina was thee to ; and adding Kamal means we had 4 cardiologists running in the event ! I guess of all people , they are the ones who should ead by example in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Azad , Ruslan and Halim were arund but i could not find them as we promised to meet up at the starting line ..which is impossible when there is a lot of runers getting ready to start !!!

I must say I was happy with my 11k run today. I managed a sub 1 hour ( betul2 sub.. hahaha ) The route was familiar and it helped in pacing my run. I was not tired and felt ok all the way ; i did not push myself though because i know i lacked practice. I dont want to end up with cramps do i? I guess on the next run ; i should try to push my lmit and see where i stand.. hehehehe Edrin did not join us but he was around to photograph us at the finishing line. His pics were excellent but I am still waiting for him to download it!
Majulah sukan untuk kesihatan dan negara !!



Azad said...

You look much thinner now... berapa kg dah shed?

Mafeitz Mamat said...

still 78kg.. just like i've mentioned before its 5kg down for each of the BiG 5.. and with Murud end of this year , I hope to reach 70 !