Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sungai Congkak outing

I did not plan this trip until Saturday evening when it just came across my mind. I have always wanted to bring the family for an outdoor activity but never had the chance to do s. I did plan a few times but it did not materialize due to multiple factors. This time around I was determined to make it happen as I want to expose my kids to nature.. and let them enjoy what I adore most in life !!
Somehow , Fiqar passed by my house yesterday evening and I invited him to join me.The more the merrier !! Initially i thought Sg Gabai was a good idea but after browsing through the internet last night , I discovered that it had lots and lots of stairs !! I was looking somewhere which was more family-friendly and I figured that Sungai Congkak maybe the best place for us. Having 3 small kids will not be an easy task to handle !
We moved from BJ at830am and by miracle arriving at campsite by 930am ! I guess early breezy Sunday morning traffic contributed to our early arrival.

We brought lots of food ; I bought roti canai and fiqar had nasi lemak and bihun goreng on top of the biscuits and drinks that we brought ! We were in zone 3 and the place is certainly nice and condusive. The management tryto keep the area clean and it was evident ! We set up our camp just next to the river and afte a quick breakfast..APA LAGA.. mestilah nak terjun mandi sungai !!! How can one resist ???

bihun for breakfast

Hello Umi !

my turn !!

It was fun to see Dzaeff , Ilhan and Laila enjoying themselves. Something got into Qaisya and she was hesitant to step on the sand ! I dunno what she was "geli" about ! Qystiena was extremely good today as she did not cry during the whole outing ! She even enjoyed having her feet dipped into the river ! The water was cold butrefreshing. Eventhough the kids were up I was still in and enjoying myself. I guess , if it was not for the snake which appeared by us we would have been in the water longer !

It was a good family outing and the kids simply love it ! I hope to do this more often as I find I should expose my children to my hobb as much as possible. It is a cheap getaway and at the same time enjoyable.. Jomla kawan2.. lain kali kita plan short trip lain !

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Pak Long said...

snakes in the water, whoa!!! *lol* go dzaeffran!!