Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Xterra launched !!

The awaited Xterra challenge was officially unleashed today !! Certainly yummy for me to have a go at it. Well , i still can't swim well but i am damn interested to be a part of it just as I am with IRONMAN.
The option ? The relay event of course !! Swim-mountain bike - trail run !!! Now I am really looking forward for this race and to finish it with my colleagues will be an outstanding achievement. 10km may sound fairly near but trail running is different. eg.. Tambuyokon was just 14km away but my god.. the agony of reaching the top was the biggest challenge in my life ( besides wifey la.. hahaha )
Do you reckon I am game ??

P/s I've registered for the full monty this year..42km KL Marathon. It is either i am really putting myself to the limit or just too stressed out ?


dochisyam said...

Yes you are game! Do the whole thing!
You have gone beyond the relay stage la bro!

Mafeitz Mamat said...

bro.. i have safety issues with swimming la... hahaha tu pasal tak join2 lagi..

Azad said...

I've been ill these past few days... batuk2 and runny nose, so tak sempat nak train in the pool lagi. :(

Hoping to recover soon.

Btw, bila kita nak register xterra ni? Who's doing it?