Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nurturing new habit

When the new Education Minister made the findings known on Saturday morning , we didn't know about it until the 8 o'clock news that night ! Only 3% of Malaysians are reading and though it improved from a mere 1% from 10 years before ; it is not in concordance with what a developed country citizens should be doing.
I have always liked reading ; somehow after mama brought us to the TTDI children's library when I was six ; i fell in love with reading. I walkdto the library on my own on weekends to borrow new books and it went on till I was 12. I would go and borrow the maximum number of books and finish reading it at home. The next day i am back to the library to get more! This was more obvius during the school holidays and just count how many books I would have gone through back to back during those days !

Therefore , we've decided to register Dzaeff and Qaisya with the Selangor State library ; the Shah Alam library since we are living nearby now. I can vividly remember my last visit to this library which was 21 years ago ! hahahaha I was representing my library then for chess friendly against the Shah Alam library boys. I remembered the library to be very spacious and big ! So different from the library in TTDi and I was impressed with their collection of books !!
On Saturday, it did not look as big as how it was 21 years ago. Mainly because.. I GREW !! Hahahaha But still , it is spacious and the youths around Shah Alam certainly is making it to good use.
The registration was fast ; nowadays they can snap a digital image of our picture to make things more efficient!( instead of preparing the passport size photos) It was not easy to coax Qaisya stay still but somehow we managed ! And I must say I am impressed that within 20 minutes ; we are new PPAS members and automatically eligible to borrow books ! Cepat giller.. Gone are the days where you have to wait for a week as part of the "PROCESSING" procedure !
It was a fresh Saturday morning outing and I hope to do it on weekly basis to inculcate the reading habit in them.. Insya Allah !!

macam register jadi ahli baru parti PAS pulak.. hahahaha

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