Sunday, April 26, 2009

A nice Sunday

I was post call and everything was going according to plan. My call was not bad at all and I was fresh upon waking up. I initially thought I only had on engagement and I was taking my own sweet time.
It was not until 1130am when the red envelope on top of the tv caught my attention. I had a quick look and only then i remembered ! I had RSVP'd Siew Nee a long time ago ! I totally forgot about her wedding and urrghh.. wifey was still not back yet from Maks. I never thought of skipping it thus the kelam kabutness that ensued. I phoned Mama asking on her availability as I don't think I want to bring Dzaeff and Qaisya to the wedding. Luckily she was ok about it and in a huff and puff we got ourselves ready.
The card mentioned specifically 12pm sharp and i knew i will not be able to make it in time. But being Malaysians.. i estimated that people will be late and thank god ; when we arrived at about 1230pm; they have not started yet! Siew Nee looked wonderful and I guess this must be the happiest day in her life!
Met up few ex-IMU mates and it was nice catching up. It seemed like we were never away from each other as the conversation flow went smoothly without a glitch. I had my fun and of course , everybody adored Qystiena's punk hairstyle !!

We had another engagement which was supposed to be our only event that day .As the turn of events happened, we were very late in the true tradition of OT ( over-time). The kids were sleeping initially but I thought that I should just take them otherwise we would have been really late! I told Deeno I was following Nepal time which was about 4 hours behind..thus making me on time at 1pm . The food was good and I had my fair share of chicken rice. The company was good and it was good that i managed to introduce wifey to the wonderful guys and gals of OGKL. This was suppose to be an exercise so that i will have the SUPER-LICENSE in the future.. hehehehe ( to climb mountains la.. what were you thinking ?? )

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