Sunday, April 12, 2009

MY first atempt as a researcher

Alhamdulillah , I am thankful that my abstract was accepted for oral presentation in the incoming ASEAN anaesthesiologist congress in Sabah come July ! My prof was excited and really pleased. It was her aim that i qualify for the oral presentation for me to have a go at the 2009 MSA Young Investigator's Award. My chances ; well i can only prepare and do my best and lets just see what will happen !
Prof was so happy that she even gave me an external hard drive as a motivational present ( which i bought for her as well during the PC Fair on Saturday). This time around i do have another poster to be presented as well ! Hahaha i guess the 16 hours plastic case was worth it after all!! this poster will be my second after the first in last year's NCIC.

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