Saturday, April 25, 2009

Short notes like chedet

1.Its always palpitations and full-blown adrenaline ride doing paediatric cases.The problematic ones to begin with brings a lot of challenge. Mostly , their surgeries may not be as detrimental as how our GA ( General Anaesthesia ) can be. I'm glad i did this 1 month posting ; but maybe not adequate for me to say that I can do paediatric cases as a specialist. They can fail you instatenously and to remain calm at that very point of time ..macam mana nak jadi tak panic ? Hahahaha unless if you are on beta blockers or having parkinsonism l only then can one continue making a poker face when the baby desaturates to SPO2 50% !!

2.The seniors are busy studying for their finals soon and as the most senior batch ; we've like taken over their responsibilities for now.It has always been the tradition that way and another ascending step. I started my SMO call since last year because of acute shortage. I guess when I eventually pass my finals , doing the specialist call can be scary but I've chosen this path.. so just do it !

3. Selangor plays Kelantan tonight in the FA cup final and I'll miss it because I am oncall. It had been quite sometime since I last went to watch footie live and missing this one is a bummer ! It'll be interesting to flock Selangor and Kelantan fans together because it is the best ingredient recipe for disaster ! I'm sure to watch the game closely on TV..

4.I also realized that I do lots of soul searching ramblings like this... when I am on call !! Hahahahah

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