Friday, April 17, 2009

Possessed by Alan Wong

Something possessed me this morning ; I made another colleague possessed ! I still laugh at Basir's remark though ,"This was worst than my daughter !!"
Few mentioned that I may be too harsh . There were few who thought I was very direct and maybe it was time to do so. I would not like to reveal what happened on the blog as there are people who might get offended. By right , this blog is for me to write whatever I feel especially regarding things from MY POINT of view. However , i realized that blogs are also shareware and privacy can sometimes be interpreted invasive.
I have certain standards that I uphold and i reckon what I do during my daily work is fairly minimal. Therefore , anything less is unacceptable especially when it involves the safety and life of a patient. Primum De necere ; and that should be the core of our intention becoming a medical practitioner. I expect certain standards of care and when it is violated , automatically i am offended. I can be harsh and I guess my colleague took my remarks negatively. However I reckon what I said was not wrong and one should think carefully about one's doing. I don't get upset during worktime easily and if i do , it must be something really disturbing. Mcm TDM la pulak dak.. ahahaha
And as I've mentioned ; I realized my actions were very similar to a famous anaesthetic lecturer of mine during my medical school days !! I was scared of him but at the same time , i do hold my respect for him..

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