Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A new year of the goat in zoo negara

Belated Gong Xi Fa Chai ! We celebrated the chinese new year in a holiday manner. We did not go anywhere fancy but decided to go to Zoo Negara. It has been a while since i last step in Zoo Negara. It would be nice for the kids as this is the right time and age to bring them there. Besides, the youngest 2 has yet to be brought to this wonderful zoo of ours in Ulu Klang.
We were off early in the morning and parking was plentiful. It is much more expensive now to enter zoo negara especially if one plans to see the two pandas Ling Ling and Xing Xing who arrived mid last year to our zoo. However, i thought that it is more reasonable than a miserly rate because it does cost a lot to maintain a zoo. Overseas zoo prices can be atrocious and i dont see why we should not charge more. However, it should be complemented with satisfaction and good service. 
 Of course, the main attraction this time is Xing Xing and Ling Ling. We waited for the 1130 slot because it is during this time the pandas will be fed. Pandas can be really sensitive and it proved so during our visit. Xing Xing was happily munching his bamboo shoots when Laikha decided to shriek! hahaha and guess what, the panda ran for cover and looked terrified. Remaining still amongst the stones of the artificial river hahaha We were told to be quiet from the start and quite unfortunate to witness what they mentioned were true :( 
 The animal show they had in the afternoon was not too bad. Compared to the zoo many years ago we have improved. The 2 seals were the main stars of the show without a doubt. It was nice to see how the coliseum were full packed with families waiting for the show. This is where i reckon the zoo can improve on with better animal shows. I am confident that we will match the other international zoos in the future. 
Thumbs up to the current management of zoo negara. I was here last probably about 6-7 years ago and i can see a lot of improvement to our zoo. The 2 pandas must have changed the fortune and attention to zoo negara, nevertheless we should love our zoo as a whole. The animals i must say is a far contrast from how they were many years ago. The look sharper and healthier! Seriously! I always remember our zoo animals looking unhealthy and not well kempt. The animals are much better looked after now i guess :) 

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