Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The equinox is here again

After the rainy season spell, guess what.. the heat is back! It has been a warm week so far and one can notice it via the scorching hot sun everyday. My career would put me in OT the whole day so I am not affected directly, but coming back home and feeling it to be warm is real!  The threat of drought may be sooner than expected. Such irony, when at one time we were overflowed with water and now, we are getting less of it. The 2014 drought comes back into mind, oh such unpredictable weather nowadays.
The KKM has come out with these posters. I reckon it is a very good conscientious effort! To warn the public about the dangers of heat stroke. Ironically, at the moment i am finalising an article with Prof YK Chan regarding heat stroke. But it is more academic rather than for public reading.
So guys.. stay safe. Do not underestimate the dangers of heat stroke.

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