Monday, February 16, 2015

UIA Meet & Greet #DIAgnosis2

Again, another last minute request. I was oncall but it was possible for me to appear in UIA last Saturday. Most of other team members were either oncall or had events on that day at that very hour. It is a bit quiet in my place this week, so i guess it was possible for me to be away for 1-2 hours during lunch time.

It was my first time in UIA Gombak. Utterly magnificent. I guess those studying in UIA must be really proud of their organized campus. Truly how a university campus should be.
Diagnosis2 was again  being promoted by Deen's print, one of the booths in a hot selling seminar, "Sebelum Aku Bernikah" by Hilal Asyraf and gang. Walawei.. haha bahaya kalau amik gambar kat conference cam ni, wifey dodgy tengok hahaha  
It was just me and Dr Din. Alhamdulillah, eventhought it was just for an hour, we could see how D2 can be hot selling.. habis tu time kitaorg kat sana. It was nice to know that our readers were not just medics, in fact the public! Not just students, those who are currently professionals too. ALhamdulillah :) 
 Thanks bro Din.. for being there with me. And of course to the other team members with their full support always! 

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