Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marissa's birthday gift - the day i nearly failed her

Last Sunday was Marissa's 6th birthday. It coincides with my arwah FIL who I've never met. It was meant to be a busy day as everything was scheduled ; tight. Wifey registered for a course and would take her the whole day. I had my usual weekly Hajj class which i try very much not to miss. The revelations you get is beautiful. I cannot really describe it in words. It was also my oncall day and usually Sundays would be a breeze unless something comes up. Public holiday charge can be a nuisance if its not super emergency. And this was also the day for team Diagnosis2's meet and greet session in Pesta Buku Selangor 2015. A very cramp day! 
When I arrived home, i was surprised to see Marissa in her Anna's (frozen) gown.
"Marissa nak pergi mana?" i asked.
"Hari ni kan birthday Marissa! "she said happily.
I was taken aback. Wow.. she is really expecting something special to happen today. Of all the MDQs, she is the one who can be pretty sensitive and manja at times. I thought to myself, ok today we'll have a treat for you.
"Nanti kita gi Toys r Us for your present ok?" i said. A promise. She nodded and as usual went on playing with her siblings.
And we went to proceed with my Diagnosis2 event. I had to let them be on their own in that 2 hours because i was occupied at the booth. Luckily qayyum is around to bring them all around the bookfair. Meeting yahanana (the puppet characters like Sesame  street) was a bonus! I can only give them money and they certainly walloped the RM50 i gave them! Thats why one should always supervise one own's children habits.. haha
And when we were done, she asked me," Walid.. bila nak pergi toys ur us?".
I told her we'll go after the swimming session with cikgu that evening. Competition is getting hearer therefore cikgu ensures qayyum to train every day.
"MArissa nak pakai baju ni jugak after swimming.." she told me. I thought oklah. As long as she is happy.
When the phone rang from the hospital just after maghrib prayers, my heart sank. There was an emergency case that i needed to attend and we were just about to go to toys r us and perhaps a celebration dinner after that. 
"Walid.. jom," she said.
I looked at her again and again. Ya Allah, i cannot disappoint her now! At that moment, after  the delay from the morning. I had tears in my eyes. I was divided. What should i do then?
I totally cannot disappoint her. I don't want to be the father that disappoints his daughter. The common tv shows you watch when parents become too occupied with their work and neglecting the attention needed. I must fulfill what i promised her that day. Told the OT that I'll be running a bit late (the notice was a miscommunication as well and the emergency was the one that could wait..)
Of course, it was a rush.. we went to toys r us in Empire. We were literally running! Once we were in i told her choose what you want! Price was not a factor for me.. 
She chose her pinky my little pony which was very costly (gulping) haha and ya allah.. after that, i had the cashier to wrap the present. Here was the most testing part.. sloooowww gile la pulak nak balut and i had to rush.. haha Sabar je lah..
To see that smile on her face was fulfilling.She was indeed very happy, smiling all the way. I explained to them i had to go to the hospital. They understood i think. But i knew at least, i did not leave my daughter broken hearted with empty promises. They enjoyed the day out, and alhamdulillah, i managed to end it with the present that she wants.
Happy birthday Marissa Daania Qystiena. MDQ3
Hopefully one day, you'll read this entry and know how much i love you.

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