Monday, February 02, 2015

#Diagnosis2 on Resensi RTM1 30 January 2015

The invite came a few weeks ago. However it was cancelled because of the ongoing coverage of Banjir in Kelantan. Few days back we were asked to reconfirm our participation. Initially I was not in the panel because i thought i was working on that Saturday morning. Since i was not rostered, my earlier intention was to follow both Ben and Azah and ended up sitting up there with them. Hahaha Thats the reason why i did not really inform anybody about me appearing on TV because it was never in the plan! 
 This experience was different was it was really LIVE. Awani interview was recorded but nothing was edited therefore it mimicked a "live" interview. The Awani experience was valuable because this time around i was more ready to answer. Kudos to Azah for being the person that she should be when on live. Ben as usual, the cool cucumber and me.. hm.. i look big in TV! haha 
Sayed Munawwar was in his usual style and persona. The main "wawancara" man for RTM at the moment. I am sure if you browse the talk shows or main issues discuss in RTM, you would see him taking the lead. I guess, his future will not be limited here as i foresee him as a front runner for the media circle chiefs in the future. Even now, he is the CEO of kotabuku, a GLC. 
It was a humbling experience. My regret was for not having the whole Diagnosis2 family to be on tv. It would have been a fun experience and exposure to all of us. I believe AF and Aizzat should take the limelight more than us for this project. They are the prime movers for Diagnosis2. Insha Allah, we will create a phenomenon! 

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