Friday, February 13, 2015

A proud father MDQ1 first MSSS

Yup..the competition day came after 2.5 weeks of last minute training. It was on Wednesday 11 February 2015. Dzaeffran has been on intensive training for the past 2 weeks. Intensive I must say and something that he was determined to do. He looked forward for every training session and will do his best in every session. I may not be a proper trainer, but on those days where i supervised the regime, he was ever willing to do and never tried to cut corners. (which was unusual for him haha) He was determined as well. 
His best time before the big was circa 1:12-1:15 for 50m freestyle. Slow for podium standing but definitely a marked improvement from the first time 50m he had which was 1:35. His improvement was superb and it was fun to see him getting better everyday. His plunge dive got better as well and come competition day he was up and ready for it. I must thank teacher Dory Salmiah who has been training him ever since. She used to be a well known competition trainer long time ago, evidenced by all the people that know her when we were in Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam.
His event was at noon and i waited from morning for it. He did not show any jitters, typical of him haha simply supressed on the adrenaline rush. 
Honestly, when i brought him to the reporting room, i started crying (not meraung2 la.. haha) felt sebak because proud to see him taking part. He was up for it and who would have thought, the small baby i saw in distress immediately after delivery is here on the big stage. The flashback of that particular moment came rushing to my mind. I guess its because i was the one who saw exactly what happened afterthe delivery. How he was breathless for breath.. how i could see the tachycardia.. his heart beating so fast that i could see it visibly. And his tone on being floppy then.. very-very floppy.. I did paediatrics during my housemanship and flashes of the problematic babies came into mind straight away. I was ready to face any predicament then. I was just praying to Allah to let what is best for him.
And from the moment he was on the start platform till the time he touched the pad, tears were flowing and there was no way i could control it. Even if he'd come last in his heat, it would not change how i was so proud of him. And he did well.. almost getting 1st in a mere milisecond losing to the second spot. Allahu akbar.. Subhanallah.. it was a very touching moment. 
Alhamdulillah, he did a 1:02.98. Of course far off from the 34s of the one who won the event, nevertheless, it was great to see him did his best. I did not expect him to go that fast but he did. With the adrenaline rush, he swam all his might. Subhanallah. my boy.. and to see him do that is such a satisfaction for me.
Insha Allah, next year he will come back strong and the challenge is on MSSS :) 

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